Community Involvement Programs

Community Support Program (CSP)

When persons served by Arc express an interest in taking a more active part in their community, Arc provides the guidance and support they need. Individuals participate in a wide array of activities including volunteering, clubs, exercise, and community events. These activities help to establish mutually positive relationships between persons served by Arc and the local community.

Participant Assistance and Care

PAC services allow individuals with disabilities to participate in activities of daily living, self-care, and mobility. Qualified Direct Support Professionals provide hands-on assistance, monitoring, prompting, reminders, and supervision to ensure a rich and robust experience while ensuring the individual’s health, safety, and welfare. PAC services are individual-centered and individual-specific. The individual served decides what the daily activity will be and Arc staff supports the individual in the activity.

Wellness Coordination

Wellness Coordination is a service for persons served in Arc’s Supported Living Program who require the ongoing guidance of a registered nurse. Each participant is guided by an individual-centered risk plan that addresses specific needs. Arc’s registered nurse is on-site for regular check-ups, monitoring, and coordination of each individual’s medical needs.

Respite Services

Respite care provides short term breaks for care-givers to refresh and restore themselves. Qualified Arc staff provides care for individuals with disabilities at the care-giver’s home while the care-giver takes a much-deserved break. Services may last from a few hours to overnight and can be directly arranged through Arc’s office.