Each person receiving Arc services has a Case Coordinator to assist them in organizing their Arc programming and to help and support them in accessing other available services. Case Coordinators hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree and act as the liaison between Arc and family members and other service providers. Case Coordinators also refer people to providers of benefits and services that are not available through Arc.


Arc of Wabash County practices person-centered planning in a Life Course framework for each person receiving services. The life course framework assesses the individual’s needs at each developmental phase of life (infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age) with its accompanying biological, psychological, and social characteristics. Person-centered planning means that as often as needed, and at least once a year each person served at Arc gathers with a team of people called an Individual Support Team. This team includes Arc staff, any other providers, and any family members and friends that the individual invites to be involved in a meeting called a Person-Centered Planning meeting. During this meeting, the person served is the center of the discussion. This is a time to talk about the wishes, needs, and desires of the individual and to develop a plan that will support the person as they strive to reach their wishes, needs, and desires. Arc has a long history of person-centered planning and each Arc staff person strives to make these meetings exciting and productive. A link to the Life Course Framework can be found here