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JOB TITLE: Community Transition Supervisor (Pre-ETS)


The Community Transition Supervisor directly provides pre-employment transition services (Pre-ETS) to qualified Wabash county Jr./Sr. high school students; assists students in five designated areas: job exploration, self-advocacy, post-secondary education counseling, work-based learning, and workplace readiness skills; maintains relationships with special education teachers and school administration; provides information to students, parents, guardians, teachers, school administration; maintains required paper and/or e-documentation for the program; submits required financial information; communicates effectively with all stakeholders in the program; professionally represents the organization in various public forums, meetings, and business relationships; and supervises other Community Transition staff as the program expands. 

JOB TITLE: Pre-Employment Transition Services Assistant (Pre-ETS)


The Pre-ETS Assistant directly assists the Community Transition Supervisor of the Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) Program. Duties will consist of providing administrative support, working directly with students, delivering instruction in core competency curriculum, and planning and facilitating social events, work experiences, and field trips. The Assistant guides students through the five core competencies of the Pre-ETS Program: job exploration, post-secondary education counseling, self-advocacy, work-based learning, and workplace readiness training for social skills and independent living. The position will also consist of any other duties as requested by the Community Transition Supervisor.    

JOB TITLE: Employment Specialist


The Employment Specialist assists qualified persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities in exploring competitive employment, obtaining competitive employment, and retaining competitive employment. The Employment Specialist guides and coaches the qualified participant through work and work-related assessment, exploration, and skills training; assists participants in meeting the demands of competitive employment by providing follow-along services, job coaching and extended services as needed.

JOB TITLE: Community Support Coach


The Community Support Coach provides training in personal, social and community skills designed to maximize individuals’ independence and integration in the community.

JOB TITLE: Supported Living Program (SLP) Instructor


The SLP Instructor supervises adults who reside in Waiver supported living situations by providing them support, assistance and training as needed in daily living and community access skills.

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