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JOB TITLE: Career Coach, Employment Services


The Employment Services Career Coach (ESCC) equips, guides, supervises, supports, teaches, and trains individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in the Employment Services Program in vocational skills, general work skills, durable skills, soft skills, and other pertinent skills; the Career Coach supplies on-time, on-demand, on-site coaching and support when needed and as needed within any and all sectors of Employment Services; the Career Coach assures that coaching is delivered according to best practices in the IDD field, according to person-centered principles, according to customer expectations, and according to all regulatory requirements. 

JOB TITLE: Supported Living Program (SLP) Instructor


The SLP Instructor supervises adults who reside in Waiver supported living situations by providing them support, assistance and training as needed in daily living and community access skills.

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